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‘Girls Trip’ exceeds box office expectations

Flossy, R-rated comedy celebrates #BlackGirlMagic after pulling in $30.4 million during its opening weekend.

‘Girls Trip’ captures four lifelong friends, known as the Flossy Posse, who reunite and set it off at the annual Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. The posse includes Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), a successful author and wife to a famous NFL player, Lisa (Jada Pinkett-Smith) a conservative and divorced mother of two, Sasha Franklin (Queen Latifah), a struggling journalist who has resulted to celebrity gossip, and Dina (Tiffany Haddish), a loud mouth with a fire-cracker personality to keep everyone on edge. Yet, with each character battling their own issues, this weekend get-a-way to rekindle sisterhood and make new memories seems like perfect timing. Watching these ladies experience NOLA at its wildest moments may leave you laughing, crying, dancing, maybe even a tad bit horny–but name a girls trip that doesn’t!

The Malcolm D. Lee directed film ranked #2 in the box office and became the largest grossing live-action comedy so far this year. Additionally, Box Office Mojo reported ‘Girls Trip’ brought in over $30 million on a $19 million budget and received a 89 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Say what you want, but numbers don’t lie and this movie definitely scored strong for the boards (#Winning).

Click here to learn more about ‘Girls Trip’.

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