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"Hey Michelle!"

Today, recognition goes to our first Black First Lady Michelle Obama as she turns 54 years old.

Michelle Obama is a wife to our nation’s 44th President, Barack Obama, and mother to two daughters, Sasha and Malia. Obama was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where she worked as an Assistant Attorney at a local law firm and Associate Dean of Students at the University of Chicago prior to her husband taking the office. As First Lady, she stood as an advocate for education, homelessness awareness, physical health and nutrition. However, it’s important to note that First Lady Obama handled all business with style. Because she graced the covers of several magazines such as Vogue, Time, Glamour and Essence, Obama became an international fashion icon.

5 Ways Michelle Obama Changed the Game

1. She is the only First Lady to earn two Ivy League degrees.

2. She is one of the three First Ladies with a graduate degree.

3. Her approval rating (70%) consistently beat her husband’s, Barack Obama (40%) in an eight year span.

4. She is the only First Lady to guest edit a major magazine (MORE).

5. She writes her own speeches......

(OOPS! Was that shade?)

Let us all wish our former First Lady, Michelle Obama, the happiest birthday!

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