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On its 25th anniversary, FUBU relaunched their brand collaborating with Puma for a sneaker release party at the Foot Locker in Times Square, New York.

FUBU is an apparel company influenced by street fashion and hip hop culture. Since 1992, they have expanded their collection from clothing to accessories (belts, hats, glasses), shoes and even a record label. FUBU was founded by Daymond John, Carlton E. Brown, J. Alexander Martin and Keith C. Purrin. These four individuals all started as kitchen cooks at the Red Lobster in Times Square, New York. As coworkers, they envisioned a brand created for the culture of people, not the color. For years, many assumed FUBU is an acronym “for us, by us,” however, in an interview with founder Daymond John he addresses the acronym not true.

From 1990s to early 2000s, FUBU became the highest fashion trend for a variety of celebrities such as Allen Iverson, *NSYNC, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J and more. By 1998, the brand was worth over $350 million.

In 2003, FUBU turned to focus more on their international business and building the brand overseas. By 2010, FUBU returned its concentration to the U.S. and began rebranding.

Reflecting on the iconic era of 90s pop and hip hop, there are two brands that dominated the decade: FUBU and Puma. In honor of Puma Suede’s 50th and FUBU’s 25th anniversaries, the two worked together to launch a collection of sneakers which is set to hit select shoe stores January 26, 2018.

The collection will also be available at

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