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What's better than one stylist?.. TWO.

Beoncia Dunn and Tryp have recently partnered in the New York City fashion industry as urban stylists. Although the two have only lived in New York for less than two years, they have accomplishment what many said they couldn't. Having a keen eye for fashion and artistic pairing, their clientele ranges from Wall Street businessmen to genderless awareness campaigns and fashion shows. More specifically, Beoncia and Tryp have individually styled models such as Nicholas Sinclair, Lewcaine, Lance Wilcox and many more.

Beoncia and Tryp are two very driven and determined personalities. Having these similar traits led to their first encounter which was on the floor of a mutual friends' apartment. Beoncia and Tryp taught me that when you are grinding and dedicated to following your dreams you experience several moments of humility. The two stylists happened to both be homeless when they met, crashing from couch to couch, and floor to floor. In the midst of struggle, they began to develop a following and clientele in fashion and figured they would help each other out. It amazes me that the two of them can be so committed to their journeys into the fashion industry. It was then that I realized fashion is more than a hobby for them, it's their purpose. SO, I asked them to describe "fashion" using one word. Beoncia described fashion as freedom. Fashion provides a platform not only for her

, but for everyone to express their true selves freely and publicly.

For Tryp, fashion is connections. One of the many lessons learned in any industry is the importance of networking. In particular, Tryp's success in the fashion industry rooted from connecting with the right people at the right time.

About the stylists

Beoncia Dunn, 29, grew up in East Atlanta, Georgia in a single parent household. Her mother worked three jobs to provide for her and her brother; yet, despite their financial circumstances, Beoncia's mother kept her fresh to death. She learned at an early age to clean her sneakers and to "never dress like what you are going through." By the time she reached high school, Beoncia became a creator. She used her mother's hand-me-downs and other old fabrics to redesign clothes suitable to modern fashion. Beoncia is skillful in hand-sewing, however, specializes in up-cycling, painting and distressing on denim.

Since then, Beoncia has moved to New York and works as a fashion and wardrobe stylist and creative director for multiple magazines such as ELEGANT Magazine, 7 Hues Magazine- Hommes, IMIRAGE Magazine and more. She also works as stylist for the AndrogyNY campaign with possibilities of branching out the androgynous--male and female gender fluid--community.

Tryp, 29, grew up in cities all throughout Connecticut. His sense of style resembles an east coast upbringing with a hustler's flare. Similar to his fashion partner Beoncia, Tryp faced economic hardship which probed his natural ability to make something out of nothing. As a child, he enjoyed recycling older clothes to create a new look and styled his first client, his mother. Later in life, he joined the military and served for over three years before realizing he needed to follow his passion.. which was fashion. (Ayeee, that rhymed.) Since his move to New York, Tryp has established a diverse clientele including hip-hop culture artists such as Saint.Tizdale, Samantha Urbani and Cipherella.

To keep up with the latest styles in fashion or to see what's next for these two stylists, follow them on Instagram @simplelivingfashion (Beoncia) and @trypstylz (Tryp). 2018 is going to be a big year, don't miss out!


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