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Deadpool 2 Pop-Up Shop

Superhero film based on Marvel Comics character, Deadpool, created a dope, museum-like pop-up shop with ample opportunities for fans to capture the perfect selfie.

The #BelieveInYourSelfie exhibit displayed eight rooms that symbolized key scenes in Deadpool 2, whether it was involving the characters or the troubling encounters Wade had to fight off.

The rainbow room was a representation of Wade’s obsession with unicorns. What most people haven’t caught onto, is Wade’s sexuality which can be conveyed as Ryan Reynold’s humor. However, even comic books dating back to 1991 prove Deadpool is inclusive to all sexes.

The domino room represented the superhero character Neena Thurman, also known as Domino. Her super power is being extremely lucky. Furthermore, a subconscious control of everything around her. Domino's mind autonomically controls objects and space and causes improbable (though not impossible) things to just sort of occur — things that benefit her or that hurt people trying to attack her.

Colossus played a major role in the superhero sequel, mainly as Deadpool’s voice of reason. The X-men leader took Wade under his wing to train him and teach the power of using his superpowers for the “good” and making the environment safe under the number one rule: "no one dies.” Wade obviously struggles with the stipulation and gets himself in a troubling situation where Colossus is forced to help. This room symbolized the man of metal and his ultimate fight with the Juggernaut.

Fans who have seen the original Deadpool can attest to Wade’s love for Vanessa. Without spoiling the climax for the sequel, a devastating occurrence causes Wade several near death experiences to be reunited with his first love. The Wade and Vanessa love room is overflowing with red roses which symbolizes heartfelt regret and sorrow with unmistakable devotion and love.

Entering the fallen teddy bears initially portrayed adorable innocence—as it should—however, as you continued to walk through the stuffed animals, certain bears appeared to be burnt, torn and damaged. This symbolized the tragic loss of the Deadpool 2 villain, Cable’s daughter. Cable acts on evil instinct to gain vengeance for his little girl.

Which room is your favorite? Don’t miss out on the next pop-up museum by following the hashtags #believeyourselfie and #fomofeed on Instagram.

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